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We encourage your feedback!  Submit a testimonial or feedback as how to improve/serve better, via email  Thank you!  In addition, we encourage immediate feedback as needed within the session or onsite.

2021 & 2022:  May God bless you!  Continual prayers for the soul of my kin, friends, work affiliates, all clients, and the faithful serving our nation.

Dec 2021:. The business remains in readiness state and serves as the Lord guides.  Working thru burdens (put upon intentionally at times) and becoming more cognizant of such.  Consider persevering with regular cleanse, proper hydration, and a certain amount of healthy soups & fresh vegetation. Gratitude is the focus. Cleanliness of surroundings (I.e. shoes, home, auto) most likely improves your well being.  Be wise In processing waste, recycle and refurbish, our resources are an important readiness factor.  Mostly, I recommend asking the Lord for direction and giving thanks (note: trust in God is a blessing.)  We are each unique and there are many ways (products, services, simple remedies.)  The Golden Rule applies to all.  God is bigger!

June 2020: Body Relief 4U is selling washable, non-medical grade Face Masks. Body Relief 4U massage services are still pending until management is ready.  Literally, "the Good Lord guides" is the best way to summarize the status.

May those peacefully affiliated with this business be blessed with peace of mind, good health, and strength to help others.

Apr 2020: Feeling like a tumbleweed, rolling and securing as the storm is in process.  Promoting strength in nutrition, release breathing, creative minds, and self hugs as appropriate!  Focus has been on strenghthening much, almost a year since updating this page. "Give thanks in all circumstances."

June 2019: Massaging Downriver as a contractor.  Body Relief 4U chair massage is available at vendor events.

May 2019:  Body Relief 4U moved out of 16060 in mid-May 2019; nine years serving at 16060 has been a privilege, thank you Downriver Michigan!

January 2019:  Happy New Year!  Let us make this a joyful new year.  Let us care for ourself so we can better care for others.  Let us ask for the Wisdom of God in attaining USA security.

November 2018: Body Relief 4U celebrates 9 years in Southgate, MI!

July 2018:  At a chair massage event a man was asked, "have you had a professional massage before or is this your first?"  He paused and replied, "Aaah I think she was professional."  

May 2018:  "I can, I will."

March 2018:  A special shout out to Joel Osteen Ministries for providing innovative ways to look at predicaments (egowise or otherwise.)  Thank you!

February 2018: A special shout-out to Kirby Vacuum Systems:  I found a roadside flare at the end of my hose after vacuuming under the seat of my car!  Body Relief 4U is Kirby clean!

2018 Short notice Couple's Massage completed, feedback: "I'm so glad we found you!"  Certainly, made our day!

"Focus less on bitterness and more on strengthening the mind," "don't overlook what is possible," "never underestimate the power of the mind" the Martin Pistorius Story

2017 A client came out of the room singing to me, after the session, lyrics and tune created on the spot; a fun expression of relief.

10% of life is experience, 90% is how we react to that experience.

2016 A "piece of work" told me: I asked my husband to massage me and he said, 'you need to go see Mary.'  Thanks be to God for referrals and may their marriage continue to be blessed!

Dec 22, 2016 Here's a shout out to Salvation Army Bell Ringers:  "You are awesome!"  The Salvation Army shelter (downtown Detroit) also deserves a 'thank you' for serving many (400 per night!) in transition, in despair, and in need of help.  Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season. We serve as we are called to and may we all strive to do our part in strengthening our community.

Dec 2016 by Mary:  It was late-night, somewhere in Detroit, this guy came from out of the dark and walked closer and closer to me.  He asked if he could pump my gas.  I said, "no, it will make your hands smell and I already have a napkin in place...I only have change..." so he waits.  He told me what his name was when I asked.  I gave him a handful of coins and said, "<His name>, don't spend this on drugs."  He said, "I don't do drugs."  As he walked toward the building I told him I loved him.  He kept walking and said, "I love you, too."  THANK YOU DETROIT for creating jobs and becoming enabled!  Full service options are appreciated!

An example of a Body Relief 4U client who is prepared for his/her massage:  "No face massage this time and my shoulders are OK, I need my lower back, hips, and feet worked on as usual. Spend more time on my arms and hands this time.  Last time you massaged my feet too hard, just massage them very lightly for circulation."

Perseverance:  "I can only afford a half hour, I lost my job, I need a massage."  Gratuity hour for this client as she has been with Body Relief 4U since the shop opened and, we hope, will continue celebrating with us!  2016

"I've been waiting until our project was complete to get a massage. Today we finished. I ache all over."  2016

"Body Relief 4U does not encourage public posts. We rely on our faith to GUARD our CLIENT'S CONFIDENTIALITY (1/11/2015).  We enjoy serving our community in big ways, below are examples of satisfied customers:

"I need to make more time for me." Retired Mom during massage. 2016

"You really are professional!"  response from a young man who was apparently apprehensive.  2016

"I feel a lot better. Thank you."  text received 2016 from client (bedridden for over a year) as every little bit helps; never underestimate the power of genuine care.

Mary Lenerville-Harris received this: I was looking to write a review. But couldn't find anything <referring to Body Relief 4U testimonial form>. This place <Body Relief 4U, Southgate, MI>  is so wonderful. I went in last minute and was blown away. I wanted deep tissue which is was the only effective mean I thought. She did a wonderful job without hurting me and did it just constructively and gently. I WILL BE BACK!!!!  (2016 this hard working mama received Deep Massage and Sports Massage modalities. Each Massage Therapist is unique.) 

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